Welcome to Ledger Racing & Quality Thoroughbred Syndications

Ledger Racing would like to welcome all our new and current clients to our website which is run as a collaborative effort with Quality Thoroughbred Syndications Pty Ltd.

We encourage all Ledger Racing and QTS owners as well as followers of the stable to make use of this website for current trainers reports, stable news, nominations, acceptances, fields, scratching and race day information with regard to your horses. If you are an owner and have not yet received your login information please drop us an email and let us know.

QTS is a Melbourne based Racehorse Syndication Company (An Authorised Representative of Clanbrooke Pty Ltd, AFSL 260214) (Authorised Representive No 426754)

The QTS goal is to purchase Quality yearlings from major sales in Australia and New Zealand, selective to breeding, pedigree and confirmation and offer specialised syndicating of thoroughbreds to buyers to suit all budgets. Together with John and Chris Ledger from Ledger Racing, we strive for the ultimate combination of success and providing our owners with the ability to be a part of the unique sport of kings at an affordable price.

QTS have a historic partnership with, and syndicate exclusively for; Ledger Racing. All QTS horses are trained at the self-sufficient Ledger Racing complex located in Wangaratta. QTS provides full accessibility to your trainers as well as your horse whilst in training or at agistment as we feel it is important for our owners to feel included in the full experience of owning a racehorse. Owners will have the opportunity to talk to those who are training their horses face to face as well as the ability to visit their horses at the stables or agistment farm. This therefore allows the owner to have full knowledge about their horses rather than just paying the bills.

Quality Thoroughbred Syndications will deliver to owners:
• No management fee
• Cheaper training fees
• Regular training updates
• Regular updates for spelling
• Information on Race Nominations
• Naming rights
• Owners Gold Pass
• Web page access
• Race day entry

Upcoming Runners

Horse Date Race Track Fields/Form
Haunted Stream Jan 23 3 Seymour Field
Out Of Mind Jan 23 3 Seymour Field
Say Anything Jan 23 3 Seymour Field
Buffalo Soldier Jan 23 3 Seymour Field/Form

Latest Results

Horse Finished Date Race Margin Jockey
Say Anything 11 Jan 21, 2017 2 - Yarra Glen 7.90 S A Mc Cullum
Buffalo Soldier 9 Jan 21, 2017 3 - Yarra Glen 10.50 S A Mc Cullum
Rustic Debutante 5 Jan 21, 2017 6 - Yarra Glen 2.90 M Pegus
Divine Way 4 Jan 15, 2017 2 - Benalla 4.50 Patrick Moloney
Buffalo Soldier 6 Jan 15, 2017 3 - Benalla 0.90 S A Mc Cullum
Given Evidence 5 Jan 15, 2017 3 - Benalla 0.80 Patrick Moloney
Riverina Explorer 5 Jan 15, 2017 1 - Benalla 7.60 S A Mc Cullum
Rustic Debutante 5 Jan 15, 2017 4 - Benalla 2.20 Patrick Moloney
Riverina Explorer 3 Dec 31, 2016 2 - Echuca 2.20 S A Mc Cullum
Rustic Debutante 5 Dec 31, 2016 8 - Echuca 2.30 Sally Sweeney
Out Of Mind 3 Dec 26, 2016 2 - Wodonga 1.00 S A Mc Cullum
Buffalo Soldier 2 Dec 26, 2016 4 - Wodonga 0.20 S A Mc Cullum
Buffalo Soldier 4 Dec 17, 2016 1 - Wangaratta 5.90 Ms A Masters
Out Of Mind 5 Dec 17, 2016 1 - Wangaratta 7.40 M Pegus
Riverina Explorer 3 Dec 17, 2016 2 - Wangaratta 5.80 M Pegus